In the constellation of a fission:
Inquiries on a contemporary notion of the subject, between art and theory


If for Jean-Luc Nancy, image is a physical surface carrying a densification of significance, beyond its material dimension, could one argue something similar for the lively surface of human skin? Apparent exteriority that, while initially appears performing a mere function of coverage, under a closer look, emerges bearing the suggestive signs of a body language, whose profound desire is to dissolve any boundaries of outside and inside. It is a seductive language of absence, that invites us in a fusion, which by negating the existence of separate entities, and thus units of significance, calls us in a symphysis, that could become our antidote against the solitary fortification in individuality. What could such an act mean for the human subject? After Freud’s definition of subjectivity as a fathomless unity, here comes the time of its fracture in infinite parallel-horizontal relations. A violent celebratory scene of death and rebirth, where Reason is illuminated as one of the multiple prisms through which the human condition is made visible.

Key-words: subject, image, surface, skin, externality.

artice published in the collective volume:

Honorato, Dalila, ed. Metamorphoses of Corporeality: Body-Art-Technology, Conference Proceedings. Athens: Fagotto Books, 2015.